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A nice pair!!!


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Ya thats right - a nice pair of dead shows to start the wek with!!

Grateful Dead

April 15th, 1989

The Mecca - Milwaukee, Wi.

Disc #1 (Set One):

1. Mississippi 1/2 Step

2. Feel Like A Stranger ->

3. Franklin's Tower

4. Walkin' Blues

5. When Push Comes to Shove

6. Queen Jane

7. Blow Away ->

8. Promised Land

9. Encore: One More Saturday Night

Disc #2 (Set Two):

1. China Cat ->

2. I Know You Rider

3. Playin' ->

4. Terrapin ->

5. Drums ->

6. Space ->

7. I Will Take You Home ->

8. All Along the Watchtower ->

9. Morning Dew

DSBD (Panasonic 3800)>CD (HHB CDR800)>EAC>SHN conversion by AJ - a2k@pacbell.net - 2/5/00

Known Flaws - 1 sec. d/o @1:52 & 5 sec. d/o @2:46-2:51 during Space (d2t6) - some clipping

on the left channel due to drums and bass being too high in the SBD mix. The master has

this flaw as well

Here is the LINK


Grateful Dead


The Mecca

Milwaukee, WI

Source: SBD

Lineage: DAT> C> DAT> CD> SHN

>Shntool fix of sbe's by Willy*

Disc 1

1. Hell in a Bucket

2. They Love Each Other

3. Red Rooster

4. Stagger Lee

5. Mama Tried

6. Mexicali Blues

7. Bird Song


8. Scarlet Begonias

9. Fire on the Mountain

Disc 2

1. Saint of Circumstance

2. Truckin'

3. drums

4. space

5. The Other One

6. Stella Blue

7. Throwin' Stones

8. Turn on Your Lovelight

9. Box of Rain (encore)

First few seconds of Bird Song are clipped

Thanks to Paul Bottiglio for the discs. Seeded by Peter Braverman (braverman@earthlink.net), May 2002.

Here is the link

These are Bit Torrent links..so they really should be in the BT forum, but i thought it would be nice to give everyone a crack at these! Been listening to them the whole week end....great shows, great recordings...a few flaws.


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and for those of us who are BT-deprived, I'll suggest a 2nd pair of similar vintage (thanks for the idea Jon!)...

Grateful Dead 9-19-90

Madison Square Garden New York City New York

SBD>>DAT>>CDA>>EAC>>SHN>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN - Sound A+


d1-Jack Straw


d1-Me and My Uncle >>

d1-Big River

d1-It Must Have Been the Roses

d1-Stuck Inside of Mobile(with the Memphis Blues Again)

d1-Help on the Way >>

d1-Slipknot! >>

d1-Franklin's Tower


d2-Playin' in the Band >>

d2-Ship of Fools >>

d2-Playin' in the Band >>

d2-Uncle John's Band >>

d2-Let it Grow >>

d2-JAM (Bob, Bruce, Jerry) >>

d2-Drums >>

d3-Space >>

d3-Goin' Down the Road feelin' bad >>

d3-Stella Blue >>

d3-Around and Around


d3-The Mighty Quinn


Grateful Dead 9-20-90

Madison Square Garden New York City NY

SBD>>Dat>>(*)>>SHN>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA - Sound A+



d1-Feel Like A Stranger


d1-It's All Over Now

d1-Ramble On Rose

d1-El Paso

d1-Brown Eyed Women

d1-Greatest Story Ever Told

d1-U.S. Blues


d2-Truckin' >>

d2-China Cat Sunflower >>

d2-I Know You Rider >>

d2-Women Are Smarter >>

d2-Drums >>

d2-Space >>

d3-Dark Star >>

d3-Playing In The Band (Reprise) >>

d3-Dark Star >>

d3-Throwing Stones >>

d3-Touch Of Grey



d3-Turn On Your Lovelight

both are available HERE



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