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Darien Lake Camping?


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There's one actually in the park. Stayed there once after an ABB show...it was rather barren (treeless) and they told us to keep it down sometime in the wee hours (it was only some acoustic guitars), but man, the Sunday football party (with the portable TVs) sure seemed to start early the following morning. Turns out, the neighbours said they were really enjoying the music the previous night and wished we hadn't been told to stop.

There's another more forested state park across the road. I know the Caution Jam folks have stayed there on several occasions. They seem to like it, but there's been a "no visitor" rule after midnight(?) anytime I've wanted to hang with them post-show. Sorry, don't know what the campground is called though.

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Darien Lake State Park is about 5 miles? down the road. Unfortunately a bit too far to walk - I'd walk it if there was a sidewalk or nice path, but not on the edge of a highway, especially at night after I (and 20000 others) have been partying. It's not a "party campground" but nobody seemed to mind people being up late and carrying on around camp fires.

I'm going to try out the on-site campground this year - never been to it before, but the idea of being on-site, without the need to get into a motorized vehicle, is pretty appealing. Stayed at the on-site hotel once for a Trey show and that was loads of fun.

I'm not sure of any other campgrounds that are really close, and I've never seen anybody who is allowing camping on their property, although there is a lot of property around the amusement park that somebody could do it and make some bucks.

Peace, Mark

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