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  1. What a sad day for great losses! There goes a legend for sure, but his music will live on forever! RIP
  2. Wow, what a shock! I had the incredible experience of witnessing Alvin Lee in action 3 times that I can remember (twice at Molson Park, and once at Rock and Roll Heaven), and was always hoping he would tour this way again! Ten Years After were and always will be one of my favourite bands...Alvin Lee gave the world a great gift! May he RIP
  3. That's weird, 'cause I entered a contest here, and never heard anything - I would've loved to have gone - wonder if it was the 7 entry contest, or perhaps I was a loser in the 1 entry contest
  4. I guess I'm guilty of taking the bands I love that've been around for so many years for granted. I'm so sorry that I didn't make the extra effort to see the beloved Fatties when I had the chance - like that last Toronto show for example, where I probably could've made it, but knew I had a big day the follow day so decided to go home after work instead! Oh well, that'll teach me...maybe. Anyway, The Fat Cats have been an integral part of my ongoing "jamband love" and I'm just hoping there's sporatic reunion shows to look forward to...please?!?
  5. Hey, those were the dates the Grateful Dead were supposed to be in Toronto back in 1995...and I have the poster to prove it...weird!
  6. Where's the Springfield Speedway? I'm committed to seeing Santana at the Molson Amphitheatre on Saturday night, but is it a do-able distance for afterward?
  7. MuleMomma


    Wow Todd!!! Thank you so much for sharing yours and Heather's incredible adventure! I've been hooked to your ramblings for several weeks now - great escape from the monotony that coming to work everyday holds! And that last travelog had me completely blown away, with tears streaming down my face - OMG, thanks to the Ottawa Folklore Centre for making that possible - just amazing!
  8. "Shine on you crazy diamond" - I still miss you like crazy and know I always will - it's not often you meet someone so cool and kind and full of love and humour - you're one in a million Julia, and I sure hope we meet again somewhere down the road!!
  9. Hey Jay - Have a blast in NYC, and we'll look forward to your safe return, and the return of all the great shows you bring to TO!
  10. Hey DevO - Thanks for the heads up! I was thinking that it sucked that both events were on a Thursday night, but then noticed you wrote Thurs Nov 25 for the CAL @ Massey Hall event. November 25th is actually the Friday, which is much better, although I'd prefer to go to the one with Ronnie Hawkins on the Thursday night.
  11. How about Neil - I Believe in You - or - I'll Be the One - Warren Haynes Shining Star - Dead, Jerry or anyone else's version From the Heart of Me - Donna w/Dead How Sweet It Is - JT or JGB ...or maybe some sexy Al Green... Come to think of it, are any of those good to slow dance to?
  12. Great news Basher...and talk about "straight from the horse's mouth" (whatever that means)...can't get much better sourcing than that!! And thanks for all the other great info too Jaimoe. Looks like I'll have to haul ass after work to get one of those limited tickets
  13. Hey Basher...might see you there. I'm leaning heavily toward going, but I called the venue today to find out if I could just show up with cash in hand, and there was just a message about how their box office is not set up for tickets, and all tickets must be purchased through Ticketmaster. I see your link also shows Ticketweb, but I just want to go if I get off work at a decent time and feel motivated. As it is, I'll be missing the beginning (which I guess is pretty standard for me anyway). What do you think? Can I pay at the door?
  14. Fortunately for anyone that can swing it, Chris Robinson's Brotherhood is the night before at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo!
  15. Was there an album out for the Hookah Brown show I was at (also under-attended) at Club 279? Was also a super-sweet show! So, do you think this one will sell out? Can I wait awhile to get a ticket? I'm thinking it won't, but what do I know?
  16. Good luck finding kitty-sitters - I've been asking everyone I know. I'd take them myself but I just socialized a new one from an email that circulated at work with my previous psycho-kitty. It was touch-and-go there for a bit, but I think it's working out quite well now
  17. I'll probably be working until 8pm, so it might have to be a post-show beverage
  18. And, if you care, Gregg Allman Band @ QET on September 9th (although that would be outside the actual week)
  19. SWEET!! Thanks for the heads up Brad. Please post if you hear the onsale date too
  20. Jay - All the best to the two of you, and thanks for the invite. Would be fun, and we're practically neighbours, but I'm off to London on Saturday. Thanks anyway, and congratulations!
  21. Nice...thanks for that Ari...sure hope we get a tour date or two around these parts!!
  22. Sweet! Now I don't have to be so bummed that I missed out on that last single ticket available at the Chris Cornell show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on 4/20
  23. About 1-1/2-hours ago, Charlie Sheen walked by the building where I work (at Simcoe and Wellington) with many bodyguards and a crowd in tow, many waving cannabis flags. Apparently, he was walking to the show at Massey Hall (but this is probably old news by now). Kinda cool to see someone so infamous right now do something so normal (well, kind of normal)
  24. Are you serious?!?! Holy crap, guess I better get serious too!
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