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"Weir Here: The Best of Bob Weir"???


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Disc: 1

1. Cassidy - Bob Weir

2. Mexicali Blues - Bob Weir

3. Looks Like Rain - Bob Weir

4. Playing In The Band - Bob Weir

5. One More Saturday Night - Bob Weir

6. Lazy Lightnin' - Kingfish

7. Supplication - Kingfish

8. Feel Like A Stranger - Grateful Dead

9. Easy To Slip - Bob Weir

10. Wrong Way Feelin' - Bob Weir

11. Shade Of Grey - Bob Weir

12. I Want To (Fly Away) - Bobby & the Midnights

13. Easy Answers - Rob Wasserman/Bob Weir/Neil Young

14. Two Djinn - Ratdog

15. Ashes And Glass - Ratdog

16. Wabash Cannonball - Dan Zanes & Bob Weir

Disc: 2

1. Truckin' - Grateful Dead

2. Estimated Prophet - Grateful Dead

3. Hell In A Bucket - Grateful Dead

4. Me & Bobby McGee - Grateful Dead

5. New Minglewood Blues - Grateful Dead

6. Man Smart, Woman Smarter - Grateful Dead

7. Jack Straw - Grateful Dead

8. Sugar Magnolia - Grateful Dead

9. Throwing Stones - Grateful Dead

10. The Music Never Stopped - Grateful Dead

11. Masters Of War - Ratdog

Hux, you got a copy of this yet?


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Nah....probably won't....the first disk is all studio, which I have most of already (and studio GD doesn't get very much play by me) and the second disk is various live stuff, but I have plenty of that....compilations are for housewives and little girls.... ;)

As for Pablo....pretty sure I converted him to Weirism on Saturday night, guys been looking high and low for a Bobby instrumental to bust out....

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