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The Pepper Jack Cafe is proud to present The Ladybird Sideshow next Friday, May 7th

Opening with be Aaron Wrixon (Almaville records)

Cover $6.oo Showtime 10pm

Picture this: Four lovely gals. Four-part harmony. Expertly crafted tunes in a variety of genres. Pop, blues, funk, folk, soul - they are all in the mix. Add a dash of biting humour and witty stage antics. This is a talent stew. This is the Ladybird Sideshow.

In the summer of 2001 four Toronto-based singer/songwriter friends met to pool their contacts, ideas and talents with the intent of playing a few shows of in-the-round entertainment with one another. From this meeting grew an unexpected musical bond and amazing collaboration of four stunning natural forces. Erin Smith, Janine Stoll, Melissa McClelland and Lisa Winn respectively front their own solo or band endeavors, but decided to begin working with each other on a side project; The Ladybird Sideshow (formerly the Mother Folker Tour). The intent was not just to support and help further one another's independent music careers, but it was also to learn from one another and bond through the music that they created together with natural ease. Over the past two years, the Ladybird Sideshow has performed throughout Ontario and across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax, released a limited edition compilation CD, and recorded together at Hamilton's world-renowned Grant Avenue Studio. Each of these achievements have brought these four talented women closer as friends and musical peers. These achievements have not gone unnoticed by the public, as word is quickly spreading about their dynamic and charismatic live show.

The live show is a fully acoustic collaboration of earth-shaking voices and vast variety of original songwriting and musical styles. Expect to hear beautiful harmonies, heart-wrenching lullabies, driving rock tunes, cabaret oddities, country-tinged warbles, rippin' funk, and everything in between.

What's in store for the future? The Ladybird Sideshow plan to do some touring through Europe and Australia in the future as well as do the summer folk festival circuit throughout Canada in 2004. Expect also to see a Ladybird Sideshow CD in the near future.


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this will be a great show

sexy, eloquent, real and solid stylings... nectar sweet... and I mentioned, for real... lisa winn alone would be worth it but her and her widely touring friends of the past few years I'm sure will add up on the warmth (*gush!)

worth making a note of to be sure

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