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Hey man, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you and getting to sing a bit with you. I was totally impressed with your playing and also with how nice a person you are. Not to mention the sheer stamina you have to play that bass like a champion for, what was it, 10 hours straight? Amazing!

Can't wait to do it again sometime. :)

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Hi Sharon, great to hear from you.... I had an amazing time that night too, did I really play bass for 10 hours?, it didnt seem like that long, I think Mark Tonin played for a while too...I definately enjoyed meeting you guys too, and definately look forward to doing it again....I'd like to try to meet up with you guys, or come see you play when I'm working at Bayshore this summer......great job on the vocals that night by the way too, .....I couldnt stump you, you knew the words to everything, even crazy train!!

I've attached my business card, feel free to contact me anytime, and I've the card you guys gave me, we definately have to party again soon!!!!


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