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  1. I think Jon Anderson's voice keeps getting better as he gets older.....its raspier on the last few albums. not sure if I'll make it to this one, I've seen them about 6 times, also caught the steve howe solo show last year, that was awesome. I wonder if they have a new album coming out
  2. fretman

    30 Rock

    The NBC Page Kenneth Parcell is my favorite character. He cracks me up everytime. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Parcell
  3. its a really nice guitar, sounded great at pepperjacks a few months back
  4. going to try to get tool tickets today at 5, last show sold out in 20 minutes, just wondering if anyone had any tips for the best way to get tickets in a small window of time. is internet best or phone, or showing up at a ticketmaster location? probably internet I'd assume.
  5. Awesome news!!! Congradulations guys! I can't wait to meet her, Ada is a beautiful name. I'd better phone Lisa! Brian
  6. I had a Jay Turser bass that was a knock-off of a ernie ball music man, it was dirt cheap, I figured it was a stepping stone till I could afford a better bass. while I had it I seen a real music man bass in a store, it was like 2000 bucks I think. After picking this thing up I realized, mine felt like a toy compared to the real thing, but it held me over for a few gigs till I could get a real bass. I sold the Jay Turser for $50
  7. wow, I didn't realize "Down" was back together....I thought Phil Anselmo quit playing music after Dimebag was killed. man, I can't believe I didn't go to this concert. I used to be a huge Megadeth fan too, although I don't know that I'd be as into them now that it's just Mustaine, did he fire everyone else?
  8. fretman

    Gas Shortage?

    its funny, I live about 15mins from the nanticoke refinery, and I havn't seen any stations around here run out of gas, mind you it's over a buck a ltr.
  9. She kissed me to, I was just coming down the stairs at Pepperjacks, as she was coming off the stage, it totally caught me offgaurd. definately a great live show though. caught it twice at Pepperjacks...I love that deep sax sound (baritone sax I believe) such a cool sound.
  10. I love the tune Southbound Train...Graham Nash has such an unmistakable voice.
  11. Michael Brecker Discography as a Sideman wow, what and impressive list.
  12. wow, thats amazing...I can't believe people were brave enough to walk that far out, couldn't a whole section of ice just break away?!?
  13. fretman


    I've only been to Victoria once, and when we first got there it snowed a little overnight. next day people were freakin out, everything was cancelled....it seemed pretty funny to me by Ontario standards, it was only a couple cm and it was gone by 11am.
  14. fretman

    What's your Job?

    I design and build Signs and Vehicle Graphics for a sign shop here in town, I also do freelance design/illustration and teach guitar in the evenings.
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