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Go'on with your stealin' avatars!!!


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A little birdie told me someone has taken my avatar again!

Damn you!!

Maybe it's time for a change anyways! Booche and Willy you have to hook me up with a couple of those chalet pics. Those definately capture my character nicely!

Hope everyone's had a good weekend!

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it's funny sunshine - i read a post awhile back and at first I was thinking, "DAMN! Sunshine ain't so sunny today!" but then i realized it wasn't you... someone had stollen your avatar. booooo!

I'm glad to see you posting though - haven't seen you on the board for awhile! You always make me smile :)

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NOW TWO people stole my avatar!!! Rubberdinghy...you better get on that new bike of yours and start peddlin'boy! Sunshine's going to chase you down!!!

LMP - my life's been so hectic with my reflexology business full time job, and...(sigh)..love...that I haven't had time for the computer. But life is better then it's ever been!!!

Sunshine everyday for this girl!!!! Maybe we'll run into each other soon -- any chance for the shaker?

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