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  1. wow! that kid looks really cool
  2. I posted a few extras in the trading post. I'm hoping to get a little bit back to help pay for our stay that week
  3. aw really? Do you think that's all they'll play? Or will we get to hear some of their own music? I wonder how long their set will be... any thoughts?
  4. Spoon is opening that show? They just played Toronto last month... crazy! I hope they come to Ottawa too - I'd like to see them again.
  5. Man... sound academy is the worst venue! I'd rather sniff 4-day-old taint sweat than pay $53 to see Primus there. They'll sound like total vomit on their shitsystem. And not to mention, visibility sucks!
  6. New Rider - make sure to bring your lobster harmonica!
  7. Saloon Mullet Dance Party! Half-way camp - here we come!
  8. I was wondering that too, but I think they like to sprinkle more acts in leading up to the festival... it's good for press.
  9. Hey dinghy... we have lots of crash space, if you and your lady come down for this one
  11. Actually, AD, I'm pretty sure Pavement released a new album this year called, "Quarantine the Past" - it's a best of album, but it was technically released this year. Is this the album you're referring to, Freaker?
  12. Schwa - Do you still have that spacious roof top carrier??? Probably room in there for a person... how big is this friend of yours, Cully? Or is that thing still filled with empties
  13. WOW! So sad. Breakfast at Mel's Diner was the best way to solve a hangover back in the day. I can't believe it's gone!
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