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Attention Players!


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If you want a place to have a show on may 17th drop a line to newbold@graffiti.net

We've got an opening and i thought i'd extend the offer to anyone interested in playing a show. I'll get you media contacts and some ideas about promo and you'll be able to rock out in a cool bar and hopefully make some coin.

If you're a serious player and need a guarantee, alas, i can not offer one, but if you want to organize a jam or a party let me know. the bar's easy to dominate if you have 15-20 people. even if it's 5-10 you've got a big chunk of the bar's real estate.

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Hey Beats, this isn't concerning your above post but I thought I'd write to ya anyway. A few friends of mine from Peterborough are now back in their hometown of London and are working on a new band that they hope to play in around town. Two of them are ex-members of Peterborough band The So So's.. Mark Gammal and Jeff David. Just wanted to let you know, and I'll send you more info once things develop further!

ps - do you know a glass blower in London named Tubby?

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