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A really nice audience recording - Phish 7/18/2003


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Phish 07.18.03

Alpine Valley - East Troy, WI

Source: Schoeps CMC6/MK41V's> V2> AD2K+> D8

Disc 1: Set I:

1. Axilla I

2. Rift

3. Bathtub Gin >

4. Mango Song

5. Roggae

6. Discern

7. I Didn't Know >

8. Dust in the Wind >

9. I Didn't Know

10. David Bowie

Disc 2: Set II:

1. Down with Disease >

2. Catapult

3. Bug

4. Secret Smile

5. Two Versions of Me

Disc 3: Set II(cont.):

1. Twist

2. Character Zero


3. Harry Hood


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