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did anyone else notice?


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ok first off this is in no way a diss to anyone invoilved with the ctmf or any other festival in any way what so ever


does anyone else think its kinda weird that no one is really talking about ctmf? i mean the last few years this places was defiunatly busyest in may leading up to the festival. i remember before last may 24 all that i could see posted here was stuff about it. now there is nothing, no one is really talking about it or making plans for it ( at least not here)

i'm slighlty excited about it,, more so to see everyone, but i wil be there before i leave for shaker..

i just thoughti was weird is all! is everyone only have assed excited about this like me?? or does no one care anymore?,, whats the deal? i mean the ctmf board on this site is dead too

lets start getting pumped, summer is here,, just think how crappy it was outside 3 months ago

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I think that the Shaker has stolen Come Together's thunder. Alot of people who would have made the trip west for Come Together are instead making the trip east. I think it could be pretty dicey attendance wise.

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thats kinda what i was thinking,

where exactly would you be coming from that made going to ctmf heading west? its probably a stupid question..

also for some reason, i am way more excited aboit shaker! maybe its the fact that is gonna be a nice road trip, or maybe its the excitment of a new festival, who knows, but i'm definalty not excited about ctmf as i was last year,, i remember spending all of may and most of april getting stuff ready for may 24 last year

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