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Question to Dead lovers??


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As the Grateful Dead (meaning with Jerry) the last time they performed Terrapin Station was the date bradm provided.

As for my favourite(s) attended is/are:

[color:"red"]Cal. State University

Dominguez Hills Soccer Field

Carson, CA


*This whole show is insane,all kinds of effects on Bobby's,Jerry's & Brent's voices,the Terrapin had some crazy ass gongs going off near the end,the blow away is stellar,Jerry feeding back during the show alot adding to the acid buzz we had,almost creepy the aggression the band had that night,Brent was on fire also,awesome show.And shit,it was in California in a freaking soccer field,a head full of acid and the Grateful Dead tearing my soul from my body and showing me heaven for brief moments in time. emlove.gif

[color:"red"]Soldier Field



*My favourite show I ever attended next to my first show.The Terrapin is great,the setlist even better.Probally the most fun I ever had at a GD show that was not west coast (west coast were always the funnest).

Favourite not attended that I've heard:

[color:"red"]Boston Garden

Boston, MA


*Second set opener!!

....no need to explain.


Jerry. emlove.gif

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