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Altruistic Animal Lovers?


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So somehow, i truly dont know how this happened, i was roped, or maybe leashed would be a better term, into taking care of my friends cat for four months. I love pets/animals (have lived with them, but never 'owned' one) yet do hold some inward debates.

'WE' take animals, and cage them in houses/aquariums/backyards and often sterilize them for mostly our conviences or from watching too much price is right. I hate the fact that this is an 'indoor' cat, and feel uncomfortable that someone decided altering his anatomy is best, in exchange for food and shelter. yes i can take him for walks and explorations, but can't let him roam free. So i guess this guilt got me thinking.....

The pet industry (from extremely rough estimates in my head) is a multi-billion dollor industry in North America. food, toys, vet bills etc. What if everyone who is now a supporter of this industry never got another pet and instead donated the equivalent amount they would of spent into protecting our natural habitat...rainforest, coastline etc. Just buy up a ton of land and protect it from being developed. This would go a long way into strengthening the backbone of species conservation, and the protection and health of our planet. The money would benefit animals and organisms the world over. Just some food for thought...any comments would be welcome.

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