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So we just got home. Long day, couple of questions for people who were there. We stayed till the end and rushed to our car to get a head start. we almost made it to shake down and traffic stopped. We were stuck 12am till 6 am this morning not moving. We were told they were not letting anyone out is this true? All in all I left the whole experience a little disapointed, not from the music though, just the whole ordeal. I feel the organizers did a terrible job dealing with the hand god dealt them and the fans ended up having to deal with it.

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Man, that sucks so bad. I really hate waiting and not knowing what the hell is going on ahead of me.

Considering that this was in the middle of nowhere with little itty-bitty roads, any mishap ahead would nail everyone behind. Sounds like this weekend was full of vehicle problems.

It is very obvious though that those that found camping 12 miles away were better off than those that got into the grounds. That's how bizarre this whole situation was.

I really don't want to imagine how I'd be feeling. I guess it depends on whether I was at the wheel, or getting wasted in the passenger seat.

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