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Bobby Sheehan died on this day 08/20/1999


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from www.billboard.com on Friday August 20, 2004.

1999 - Blues Traveler bassist Bobby Sheehan is found dead in bed at his New Orleans home. Sheehan, who had recently begun work on a solo project, is 31.

I love Blues Traveler and saw them seven times before Bobby Sheehan died. I actually haven't seen the band since his passing. Which has nothing to do with Bobby's death as much to do with the fact that Blues Traveler hasn't made it near the area since his passing.

It's sad, drugs take another great one.

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Hey bradm, Thanks for the heads up and the kind words. I'd be going to moe.down if it were not that I am going to see Van Morrison on Friday September 3. Van "The Man" is one of my top ten favorites and he hasn't been to Toronto in over nine years, so I can't miss it.

I have yet to go to moe.down and I really hope I get there one year. But it will have to wait until maybe next year.

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It is a sad day to remember Bobby. I love Blues Traveler and had the good fortune to see them 13 times before Bobbby passed. He was a great guy and I managed to meet him a few times including an unforgettable, bizarre few hours in Amsterdam!

The 'new' BT is damn good as well, but I still miss seeing Bobby up there when I see them. I am sure you guys will enjoy them at moe.down. They still throw down a great show.


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