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a story from coventry......

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thought i'd share this, as it truly boggles my mind, and really makes me think twice about this world i live in...

In the line up for IT at one point, for about half an hour, we were parked infront this guy that totally got a kick out of me and my friends. We were pushing our out of gas car, shot gunning cheap beers , and basically having an incredible time in the line up. We really hit it off for a while but a little further down the road, we got seperated and that was the last we saw of him

Until my friend ran into him at miami NYE. Well...they hit it off again, had a great time partying in miami, the guy continued to get a kick out of our crazy canadian ways. Miami came and went, and once again, that guy just became a story that we would talk about every now and then.

Until in the last night of vegas, we were sitting in the same section and at set break, we hear "hey you fu©king crazy canuck bastids" and it was him again...well, we spoke for a while during setbreak, totally had a blast and that was that once again. This time though, we exchanged phone numbers.

For this last tour, we gave him a ring, and decided we would meet up in Hampton. We met up in hampton, had a great time, and thought we would be meeting up in the lots to all of the shows.

Unfortunatly, we ran late for the first night of great woods, didn't meet up for the second night, and ran late for camden. After the camden show, we accidently bumped into each other, and agreed we would defenatly meet up in coventry.

Well, coventry, being what it was with the mud and all, and us parking off site, and my cell phone dying on me, we had no way of contacting this guy. We thought we would never run into him again.


during Wading int he Velvet Sea...i picked up a bottle wiskey, took a sip...and when i finished taking a sip, i look over, and the guy is standing right next to me...he didn't even know i was there...he just sort of chose to stop there...if he would have walked by me to the next row, we would have never met up again...well, he handed out tons of mushrooms to all of us, said his good bye's , we shook hands, and he was off...still boggles my mind.

in a crowd of 70 000 he randomly chose to stop right next to me.

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