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Slammin Jack in NELSON and VANCOUVER...


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Slammin Jack will be playing in Nelson at the Royal on Baker on Friday and Saturday September 9th and 10th.

September 17th Jack will be in Vancouver at the Queen Elizabeth Lounge (above the Media Club where Robert Walters played a couple weeks ago). This show will be an Upstream Entertainment production and the details can be found on their web page... http://www.upstreamentertainment.com

Two weeks later Jack will be on tour in the Maritimes so if you or anyone you know will be out there then check out the dates on the Slammin Jack web page... http://www.slamminjack.com.

Take care and enjoy live music!

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Seen these guys... they sucked.

Maybe they'd be better if I liked Phish or String Cheese (as if... stupid hippie bands!)... but I need a bigger dose of something like Helix, Triumph or The Headpins.

Slammin Jack need to play more cover tunes or better originals man.

How about a little Canadiana like The Payolas' Eyes of a Stranger or Rush's New World Man?

They play at an 8... when they should be at a 2.


Terry David Mulligan


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