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Secondtube or anyone in steeltown - Re:Fishin'


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Hey my friend(s),it appears my fishin partner has backed out on me now,leaving me high & dry for somthing to do or someone to fish with.

Just wondering if you or anyone had any plans this weekend to throw your line in the water or not (not sure if your hittin ctmf).

My schedule is wide open now,so if your interested or want any compnay on the water this weekend,let me know.

I'm all legal btw for fishin' (finally eh?)


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Awesome fishing last night/this morning.

About a mile past the mile marker (2 miles out on lake ON) we set the down riggers (around 80 - 120 ft),within an half hour we hit a load of chinnoks and were lucky enough to nail 3 15lb + lakers.

I hit for a 16 lb laker,great freaking fight that for sure.Last time I was out there (a few years back) I nailed an 11lb laker,seems I still got the touch.

Anyway,no pics as we didn't bring a camera and I don't own one anyway,or have a working scanner.I do have numerous pics from my trip north the other week,but like I mentioned,no scanner.

Getting ready to hit the lake in an hour or so (hopefully),one last drop in the lake for the weekend,then its off to work in the morning.

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talked to matt about the portage trip...

heard the scenery and weather was great, but the fishing was tougher. How'd you guys do?

Congrats on the result on the big water. I'd rather catch one beauty chinook than a 100 bass...


Fishin was unreal.Weather was tough.

I'd rather hit the lakers,chinnoks come in like a log.

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i wasn't drunk...i wonder how my head got it switched...lol

glad ya had a good time! Spend most time on fox? What lake had the best fishing? Get more PIke or Bass?

Curious as to how those lakes are still doing...seem hot or cold. My cousins went to Bass and Fox lake in July and only managed three bass and two pike in five days...but the weather was tough...

But we nailed em last fall...never know with those back lakes...

Its weird about the lakers chinooks...I caught a 16 pounder two weeks ago, and it didn't take out ANY drag, not even one click.

But the Chinook Weef caught last week took him 15 minutes to bring in... I guess it depends on the fish.

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Fox lake for the duration.I did have a big review written but I seem to have deleted it.

First day was unreal,I hit first cast and continued like that for about an hour,almost evry cast.Must have grabbed 5 pike and 10 3lb+ bass with 2 hours myself,using a yellow (15 year old) mister twister..We just toured the whole lake every day.

I think we were on Fox for about a half hour when I started hitting em,we found a portage from Long direct to Fox,with a short jaunt through a small unnamed body of water ansd swamp which cut out the other lakes and saved hours of time,one very close bear encounter which was no big deal (for me anyway).Probally with knowing the portage now,we couyld access Fox lake in about one hour maybe two or so from Duck lake.

I was reeling in a one pound bass and as it surfaced a monster pike grabbed it and dove,I fought it for awhile and we almost netted it with the bass in its mouth,but then it released the bass (which was almost saw'd in half),many many fights which just ended in broken lines,huge pike to be had thats for sure.

I'll try to remember the pics for next time we cross paths.

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that portage you speak of is how we always got into fox.

the water levels must have been up this year, as the 'unnamed body of water' is actually a swamp most years.

its actually on the Top Map.

There are a few ways around those lakes.

Did you Go from Duck directly into Long? Most likely, as matt loves to make ya work. THe easier method is Duck (at the water fall) > LIttle Mud Lake > Big Mud Lake > Long Lake.

How is this easier? Well Mud > Long is just over a beaver damn, and its easier to paddle than to walk, and little mud lake cuts the walk in half.

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that portage you speak of is how we always got into fox.

the water levels must have been up this year, as the 'unnamed body of water' is actually a swamp most years.

its actually on the Top Map.

Yes I seen it on the top map,after speaking to some locals,the water level is considerably down (and since Goergian bay is also due to Huron's drop),actually it was obvious from the water marks on Duck.We took the portage off Long,into a river(unnamed body of water),then into the swamp.Which was barley paddle-able,we had to lug the canoe (waist deep for 20 ft or so) to get to the portage to Fox.

I don't mind the Duck > Long portage,not that hard at all really,very open,clear of debris,but a little tornh up due to the 4 wheelers,only 20 minutes.Just loads of bugs,only place the whole trip.

I've been going to that area since the mid seventies,my parents had a place on the Pickrel for awhile then moved to Lost Channel,then further up the French,eventually heading south to Ufford area (141 exit off the 11),we have close friends in Trout creek and every year went portageing (my Dad & I) in that area,just not those lakes specifically.

I'm still more a fan of the northern canoe trips,Cochrane & Hornpayne and from Fraserdale up the Abitibi to the Moose.(following the Polar bear express) but theres still awersome site and fishing to be had around Trout Creek/Port Loring area and I love the remotness you can achieve being within a half drive to any town Ontario...

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if the water levels were down, I KNOW THE HELL you musta went through to get into Fox.

One year we had a three week draught before we went to Fox, and the river was just a dried up bed, and the swamp before Fox was like a mud bog.

We had to "forge" around the bog...it took us a good 7 hours from Long to Fox.

Always worth it though.

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LOL,the water level must have been up compared to when you went,the river had some deep spots (8 feet or more?)sorta hard to imagine this river dried up (wow) it was pretty wide,perhaps the beaver dams are more prevelant now-a-days.

The bog was alright except when we got with 20-25 ft of the shore,although it wasn't easy paddlin'more like pushin with the paddles,but that was due to the lily and weeds.

At the Long lake portage into the river (going towards Fox) we must have been with 15 feet of a black bear while in the water,he was snorting and stomping,then stood up to show himself to us,then after some thinking about portaging the long way, long> bass > clear >Irwin > Fox I said just do it here,fu©k em,so we unloaded the canoe with the bear about 20 yards (at this point) away f4rom us,he just kept pacing and keeping an eye on us...made for some good fireside talk later that night with some cold beers.

Worth it?

Every bug ridden,hot,boggy wet step....definatley.

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Will always be worth it!

And the older you get, the more you appreciate it.

I hope one day I can take my kids to Bass and Fox lake. The fishing my be poor by then, but it'll be nice to show them where my father took me when i was very young.

I'll always remember My two cousins, Dan and Jamie (girl), Uncle Larry, Dad, and I taking two canoe's into bass lake. I was 8 years old, Jamie 9, dan 10.

We'd just troll around the lake, two rods out, and we'd take turns with the fish. Dad and Uncle Larry on each end, and the three kids in the middle of the canoe. Mind you this is a 15 foot canoe, lol.

Still gives me shivers when i see the Trout Creek sign on 11, even if i'm not going to Port Loring. I'd love to find some new water to canoe/fish. Maybe we should set up a spring trip. Two Canoe's, four people.

Show me some of this Horne Payne, PBE water. I've only dreamed about water that far north!

Doug Feaver makes me jealous every time i look at his guitar case. He's been through the north country thats for sure...

WHen i graduate my program (two years from now), i'd like to try a fly in trip, where they drop you off way in the bush, and you plan a route with the pilot, and he picks you up further on down the chain of lakes and rivers...

A new body of water everyday. Never see another soul.

Thats What Dreams are Made of...

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A great canoe trip is the Sand River,which runs from the north east point of Superior provincal park to the south east point (exiting into Superior) I believe its around 56 kms.You get on a box car (train transport) in Algoma and ride the rails to a mile marker in the bush,then get out on Sand lake.The river sports some class 1-3 (maybe a four even) rapids and has some awesome fishing and spectacular vistas.Not too may folks venture into the park from that way due to its remoteness and trouble accessing it,but for a provincial park,this is an awesome river.I know that the inland caribou have been reintroduced to that area also (only place in Ontario) since 97 or 98,but are incredibly hard to get a veiw of,loads of other wildlife though,wolves,moose,bear etc.

Best done with four people,since its a good idea to have a car parked at both entrances (Algoma & the park) so you can save on paying for a ride,which is always availble since some folks make some of their living carting folks from one entrance to another,I did it in 98 and it was a blast.

I'm definatley up for a spring trip,I know my canoe could use the mileage,as could I.

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