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The Mix release new cd


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Melvin Seals, the musical director and keyboardist for The Jerry Garcia Band for over 15 years, has formed a new band called The Mix with a cast of all-star musicians. In this new group with Melvin are: John Kadlecik, guitarist and vocalist from Dark Star Orchestra (the Dead's favorite Grateful Dead Cover Band!), along with bassist Kevin Rosen, also from Dark Star, and Greg Anton from the famed San Francisco Jam Band Zero. This album contains 10 new, original songs and is a must for all Jam Band aficionados as well as all Grateful Dead fans. They will be hitting the road this Fall in support of the album and we will be doing everything possible to get people in front of this truly legendary band. The sound is pure magic with those Garcia and Dead roots dripping all over it!

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They are a pretty good band.

I heard the sets from the Promise for Peace gathering,back in May.Although Paul Murin from Phix was also in the band at the time,I'm assuming he isn't now?

The Mix also played new originals by Robert Hunter too.

Good stuff.

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if john kadlecik is the one who looks like bobby, woweee, does he ever look like bobby! i saw DSO a few years back and had an awesome time, and couldn't get over the resemblance... even that little way he tosses his head while he sings, you would swear this guy is his twin.

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