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So My Time is Set w/ the Prosecutor


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October 18th, 8:45am.

Gonna bring in my proof of full time education.

Gonna bring my proof of a perfectly clean driving record.

Gonna bring proof that i fixed the expired drivers licence the VERY next day...

Any other suggestions?

I'm fighting two tickets, one for speeding, 70 in a 50. Community safety zone. Double the fine. Then a 350 dollar ticket for expired drivers licence.

Morgan? Any hits or tips?

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i've stayed away from the hits since September 8th, since i started school...

its been no problems. I smoked probably as much as ANYONE on this planet, and it kills me to hear/read that people are 'mentally addicted' to pot. What the hell does that mean?

I haven't felt, had, or encountered a single 'feeling' caused by not smoking. I'll smoke on some weekends, but the last weekend i didn't even get the urge...

Mentally addicting my ass!

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