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contact@Lee's Palace anyone?


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Rumour has it that the guest list is open...i got the contact email that stated if you're interested please reply to the email...anyone interested please email me. I'll forward you that email. you'll probably get put on the contact mailing list...that'd be the price for guest list...hope i'm not doing anything wrong with this post...

i say...strong Peterborough contingent? anyone wanna break it down to some live house?

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hahahaha!!! i see your point alexis! but it's not actually a free show...lee's palace is charging cover that night and we're not working the door, so we have to give the bar a list, which is why we have to ask for names...we're just trying let as many people as possible take advantage...you don't have to join our email list or anything like that...just give your name and you're on the list.

see you soon!


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