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The Slip 2003-05-23 Set List (hamilton)


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The Slip


The Pepper Jack Cafe,

Hamilton, Ontario

Source: DPA 4061 (10' from stage, 7.5' high)-->DPA MPS6010 batt box-->DA-P1 @48KHz

Transfer: DA-P1-->coax-->Midiman Audiophile2496-->Soundforge v5.0-->Cd Wave v1.71-->FLAC frontend v1.0.4c-->FLAC-->SHN DBaudioAMP-->SHN

Taped, transferred & FLAC'd by: Karl L (timmytucker@primus.ca)

SHN conversion and set list by: JEFF from NC

Disc #1 - Set #1

1. Cumulus (19:55)

2. Poor Boy (5:50)

3. So Dope (14:27)

4. Hey Worrier (8:17)

5. In your dreams (8:34)

6. 54-46 Was Your Number (10:25)

7. Moral Decay (7:33)

8. Moral Decay Jam (3:05)

Disc #2 - Set #2

1. Beat Box Jam (19:04)

2. Children of Atlantis (12:53)

3. Love and Tears (10:45)

4. Crowd Noise (1:27)

5. Instrumental> December's Children (16:38)

Disc #3


3. banter/tuning (0:23)

4. Sometimes True to Nothing (11:22)

5. Dogs on Bikes (16:17)

I'd have to say the highlight for was 10min Love and Tears i belive this might have been the first time they played this song electric?

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54-46 Was Your Number & the encore sealed the deal for me that night,but really,the whole show is amazing in my opinion.Truth be told,while working the door I sorta missed some of the show that night,so I'm very much looking forward to it tonight.

Thanks buddy for bringing these guys here and I look forward to us tearing it up in the east when I come for my visit.Miss you guys,especially today with the Slip in town.

Cheers Shane

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