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extra slip ticket, hamilton show


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gad, i can't believe i'm contributing to the annoying massive amount of freakin' slip threads around here as of late ;) (affectionately annoying of course :) )but i fear this could be missed if i put it in any of the other 12 thousand to choose from. ::

anyway, if anybody needs a ticket to tonight's show at PJC, give backbacon a call on his cell anytime after 8:30pm (519) 360-8433 to make arrangements. he has one extra.

and i'll see all you frothing-for-the-slip freaks on the dancefloor. :D

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Hey PP! I'm only home for a couple hours (got called in for a split shift today) but i'm not closing tonight so fingers crossed, I should be home around 9:00. Meet me in the parking lot at Jay's work at 10:00 sharp. If by some chance he gets off early, I will call you and maybe we can leave even earlier! (i just KNOW you don't wanna miss any of that slip ;) )

Hope you're having a splendid day, my sweet!


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oh pink! you always know what will make me happy... *sigh*... yanni...what a dreamboat! rrarrr

heeheehee, i jest.... IN WITHDRAWL I AM, OH BOOGNISH!

ANYWAY! copy, roger! meet you in THE PARKING LOT at THE PLACE at 10! sharp! (as in your 10:00, not my 10:00-10:30-11:00 ::)

awwww, which kitty? sid? or bailey? well, i'm just gonna pretend it's sid because he's such a giant ferocious(ly huggable) tiger. grrarrrh!

maybe jay will like it if we do a little tribute dance outside his window while he's working. perhaps something along the lines of this?


OH!!! and awesome about qqc! (although this is still officially open, so whoever gets to the bacon boy first wins!)

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funny you should mention, i was actually going to wear that EXACT outfit tonight! I can't find the little hat though :( But there's tons of toilet paper here, i'll just whip one up.

It was infact SID who said hi. Actually, his exact words were "tell that smokin' hot-ass friend of yours that i say, 'what's a happenin' hot stuff?"

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well listen, tell him i know he's there... and i can hear him breathing.

oooooooooh, nice idea with the extra toilet paper, maybe we can even rig up a skirt that spins off à la centre stage.

yeah, not sure about those shoes, his happy-go-lucky friend to his left seems to be missing one too. but sometimes that's the price you have to pay for boogie down good times. if you kick up your heels you might just lose your shoes.

back to yucky bleah work now because i aren't the walrus.

poo poo achoo

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