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  1. I'll be there Saturday!! Wheeeee!!!!!! Or, I guess, WeeeeeeeN is more like it!
  2. *Edit: Actually! Now I don't know what in the fuck. Here are the passwords but I haven't been able to get anything with them. I will keep trying but it's looking like I will be fighting with the rest of the world tomorrow. AEG: geneanddean Radio: groove It seems like the only people who got through the lottery were people that picked bowl tickets, as far as I can see. I haven't seen anyone confirm GA floors yet from the lottery. THERE IS STILL HOPE! NEW HOPE, IN FACT!!
  4. Bless you, Davey Boy...just, bless you. :thumbup: :thumbup:
  5. the band didn't name their last album the cockroach for nothing. ween will prevail. mark my words, boognish shall rise again!!! deaner will meanwhile rock the shit out of his fishing boat captain-ness and gener will explore his newfound sobriety & enjoy being a touchy feely crooner type. then the lustre of all that mr. rogers bullshit will wear off and they'll be back in an explosion of nuclear brownness. ahhh, ween. they've been ween longer than they haven't in their whole lives. they just need a little vacation for a bit. it's like marrying your high school sweetheart and freaking out at the forever factor. go sow your oats, gener! we'll be waiting!
  6. Velvet, I love this! Thank you so much for sharing. Getting to read about you traveling is almost as much fun as travelling myself. And it's crazy, you're so good at describing everything that it doesn't even seem like anything's missing without pictures. Great imagery, looking forward to reading more!
  7. the more out there, the better!! LOTS of people dress up all crazy at the shows, you won't be alone. there are also lots of people who dress up AS gaga which is very entertaining to see. i love gaga! her show is super fun, and quite the spectacle! she even has a really good sense of humour and can totally laugh at herself -- heck, at the show i went to, she was making jokes about having a huge dick (referencing that big internet rumour from awhile back). so much of gaga's media attention is people making fun of her and not understanding her aesthetic -- knowing full well how many people would be dressing up as her for halloween anyway, she even opened a whole lady gaga halloween costume section in the merch area of her official site! (i think that's hilarious) http://ladygaga.shop.bravadousa.com/Dept.aspx?cp=14781_39845 whether she's your personal preference or not, that woman is VERY talented and you can tell a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into the making of her show. she sings, she plays instruments, the dancers are amazing, the sets and costumes are an absolute spectacle and she is full out, 100% there to perform for you. there is nothing half assed about lady gaga. she's like the madonna that loves you back. there's this whole lovey dovey interactive vibe going on between her and the whole audience, the energy and overwhelming happiness with EVERYONE there is so fun! her show is sassy, provocative (yet still totally appropriate for young people), and even manages to have a super positive, empowering message without being eye rolling cheesy & gross. GAGA FTW!!! hope you have a blast at the show, i wish i could make it to this one!
  8. oh hey, hahaha, just saw this now! thanks, people!
  9. We just might get to see this! TURN ALL THOSE MAYBES INTO YESSES! i'm starting to get really excited. wookin' for the weekend, what what! **commencing super shiny happy weather dance**
  10. whooohooo!! i hear sambuca's good to dance to, maybe you can break that out on your morning ho stroll
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