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Ottawa People!!!


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Where's bradm??? I've only stayed in a hotel once here, at the Quality Inn on the corner of Rideau and King Edward... It was nice, well, nice enough to pass out in... Talk to boogieknight, he stayed somewhere else when he was here for nero's Eve... Or, just wait for bradm, I'm sure he's got your info...

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I've got more than the info, I've got a link to the NYE hotel topic, which has links to a couple of places. (Don't sweat the lack of mention of Cafe Dekcuf: NYE was at Mavericks, which is downstairs from Dekcuf; in fact, both bars have the same address.)

Note that I haven't stayed at any of them, so I can't make recommendations as to which is good/bad. You'll have to check out and evaluate each place yourself.


BRAD (Brad References Accommodation Discussion)

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