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computer help needed pleeeeze!


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My friend is having trouble getting his mp3 player (iRiver iHP-100) to connect to his computer. Basically the computer is failing to recognize that it is plugged in. The external device just does not show up (ie. when you open My Computer). In the bottom right corner, "New Hardware Found" or the like does not show up either. What DOES show up though is the icon you use for "Safely Remove Hardware".

Its not a problem with the USB cable. I plugged my mp3 player (iRiver H340) into the same computer using the same USB cable. Also in both cases we're using USB 2.0

Can anyone lend a hand? Is it an issue with the driver on the mp3 player? Thank you kindly of course..


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- Open the Control Panel.

- Double click on Administrative Tools.

- Double click on Computer Management.

- In the left column, click on Disk Management.

- Locate the mp3 player and right click on it, then click Change Drive Letter and Paths.

- Click the Change button.

- Use the drop-down menu to select a new drive letter. (make sure it isn't thats already used)

- Click OK

If that doesn't work, remove any mapped network drives that may not be connected.

I had a helluva time with an iPod recently, but the above worked.

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