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Malajube in Ottawa tonight


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Zaphods, $10

Anyone else going?

Seen these guys 3 or 4 times now and I love 'em each time. Best riff I've heard in a loooong time in the song Casse-Cou


*edit - they're going to be on CBC Radio 1 (91.5) in the next 45 minutes talking to Adrian Harewood.

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i don't know what you mean by 'indie'....

they are melodic, talented instrumentally, sing all in french, very good live, sometimes heavy, sometimes poppy....

here is a bio of them i found on the net

Malajube is a five-piece Montreal quintet that weds grinding guitar rhythms and bubblegum pop hooks. Named for a frog disease, Malajube betray none of their Francophone origins as they perform in French bypassing the usual acquiescence to English of many Quebecois bands.

Not that language barriers have kept Malajube from breaking through on college radio across the continent, they mix a potent blend of nervous synth, lilting feedback and hummable guitar pop that speak to audiences, no matter their mother language. Sometimes the translation for mere Anglophones just ruins what they didn’t need to know.

This 2006 release, entitle Trompe-l’Oeil, which was recorded at Breaking Glass and Beat Box studios in Montreal by Ryan Battistuzzi. It sees the band collaborating with the likes of Pierre laPointe, Loco Locass and members from Les Trios Accords and the Dears. The new album offers elaborate, carefully crafted, catchy and melodic tracks such as “Casse Cou†and “La monogamie†that showcase their explosive pop.

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in contention for best club show of the year

either they have an amazing sound guy or they are the smartest band sonically. incredible clarity at deafening volume

zaphods was packed, huuuge show.

lots of stuff was destroyed at the end of the set. the drummer got a big gash on the ear from smashing a cymbal and was bleeding pretty good.

lots of hits. incredible rocking, up to 11 on the dial.

loved it

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