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Azureus help...


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I had the same issues and I was never able to figure it out either, I know that Azureus uses alot of resources & memory causing speed loss though. I switched to utorrent last may. It works alot like Azureus but is way smaller, uses almost no resources or memory and my speeds have increased greatly.

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I don't have a MAC, but I'm pretty sure they are not working on a MAC OS X version. On the utorrent site (mentioned here) they mention something about being able to run utorrent under Wine or Cedega. But I wouldn't have a clue if its an easy task or not.

On one of the private websites I sorta help on (bt moderator & helper) I have read many MAC users giving big props to Transmission bit torrent client which I have only done minimal reading on, but it appears to use about the same amount of resources as utorrent, and way less then Azureus.

Sorry I can't help much on this, I'll do some asking though with the mods who take care of the MAC side of things.

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I had a problem with that too. I think the way to fix it is to change to another port. Probably has something to do with your firewall.

I changed the setting in for incoming TCP/ UDP Listening Port to 49283 (just a random number, I think you can choose any number up to 50000. Choose a high number.

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