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Spoken Word Artists/Poetry Slam


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Hey All,

Does anybody have a lead on someone I could get to lead a children's workshop focused on spoken word/poetry at a children's art festival?I'd like the event to be a poetry slam but can't find anyone who has done this before(with kids) or would be willing to.Spoken word is not an artistic community I am personally tapped into but one I want to support.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also any D.Js who could do something interactive with kids/youth.


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Sure - Oni, author of Gettostocracy, and one of Canada's top slam poets teaches kids workshops in schools. I bet she'd love to.

If she wasn't available, she'd be able to recommend someone.

Oni has organised Slams as well... I wrote about Oni in the Xpress this week (Check it out here www.ottawaxpress.ca) Her email address is mesooni@yahoo.com

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