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watch out for this album..


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I just ran across this on the Northern Blues website.. Sounds promising! I love the album art too.


In April we will be releasing a CD by Doug Cox and Salil Bhatt which melds blues with classical Indian music. "Slide to Freedom" is an amazing collaboration - recorded in 3 days with nary an overdub - and it also features Salil's father, V.M. Bhatt, on two tracks. You might remember V.M. Bhatt from his Grammy Award-winning album, Meeting by the River, that he did with Ry Cooder in the mid 1990s.

ps - Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie are still doing plenty of shows across Canada in the new year.. Check out Doug's site.

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Salil and Vishwa Mohan Bhatt played at Hillside together this year with a tabla player Ramkuran. I got to talk to Salil for a while actually. Great guy really takes after his father, I think he plays the Mohan too - self-styled instrument of his fathers. Something like 10,000 pounds of pressure in a mohan.

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Thanks for the heads up Kev, Doug Cox is amazing, as is V.M. Bhatt, although I'm not real familiar with his sons work that much. But anything I have heard with Doug has no disappointed, so I'll be looking to pick this one up.

Hungry Ghosts gets alot of play around here still. Some weeks, daily.

ps. I hope KC brings Doug & Sam back to PJC...

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Yeah I still put on Hungry Ghosts quite often too. The song 'Fear' gets stuck in my head! Good shit indeed.

THat must've been an interesting show to see Luke. I don't imagine VM Bhatt comes around too often! I didn't even know he had a son.

Speaking of Mohan players, anyone going to see Harry Manx in Stratford on Jan. 6th? I'm hoping to check it out.. Its the only chance I'll have to see him play 'til next Fall I think.

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