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Gratefully Deadicated New Years in Victoria

Who: Canadian Beauty.

What: Three sets of the Grateful Dead.

When: Dec 31st/2006 New Years Eve. Door 8 PM, Show 10 PM sharp.

Where: Logan's, 1821 Cook Street, Victoria, BC

How (much): $15/20 at door.

"This Grateful Dead tribute band perform Dead material with exceptional power and panache. Rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist Lucky Budd is joined by some of Victoria's hottest musicians to conjure the Canadian Beauty experience: Chris Van Sickle (keyboards, lead vocals), Pharis Patenaude (lead vocals), Marc Jenkins (lead guitar, pedal steel, vocals), David Burke (bass), and Brent Norman (drums). Several members performed together previously in the Victoria bands Lift and A Particular Wave, and Van Sickle is currently a member of "Noises from the Toolshed," while the vocal prowess of Pharis Patenaude is the anchor of the alt-old-time sensation "Outlaw Social."

While you will appreciate their solid covers of classic Dead songs like "Scarlet Begonias," "Sugar Magnolia" and "China Cat Sunflower", you will soon come to realize that Canadian Beauty far exceed the standards of a typical rock cover band. They perform complex and adventurous Dead compositions (such as "Terrapin Station," and "Help On The Way/Slipnot!") with incredible feel and technical skill. They sing the Dead's most loved melodies with strong 4-part vocal harmonies, highlighted by the lovely and talented Pharis Patenaude. Their set list is guaranteed to surprise you with a few old Dead nuggets you haven't heard covered before. Suffice it to say, you will be thoroughly satiated by the tasty musical licks these grateful gourmets lay down for your pleasure! (Pedal steel on "Mississippi Half Step" anyone?)"

- rememberjerry.com

- Any of you big-city-folk get over this way we'd love to see you there


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I hope I know people that are going to be there. Right now my options are a bit confusing.

I was thinking of going to a private party but it's formal and i'll only know a few people I haven't seen pretty much hide or hair of since the summer...and I don't really jive super well with most of them

I was also thinking of going to see garaj, but still would rather look at other options.

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I was at this show last night, and theese guys ROCK! Hightlights included sick jams on Eyes of the World and Slipknot. Also 1/2 Step with pedal steel and a JGB song My Sisters and Brothers (Promised Land) A crowd pleasing setlist including lots of favorites, the best part was that these guys can PLAY! My old lady says I don't ever dance... Well these guys kept me on the floor all night. Hot jamming, great song choices, includeing some suprises (I wasnt' expecting to hear GSET or Feel like a Stranger, Quinn the Eskimo) Canadian Beauty is without question the best Grateful Dead cover Iv'e seen.

Being the morning after this set list is only as complete as my memory.... it is sure to have some gaps... the order is probably a little wrong too.


Mr Charlie

Cumberland Blues


Jack Straw

Ramble on Rose

Greatest Story Ever Told

Feel like a Stranger

Shakedown Street

China Cat Sunflower I know you Rider

Hard to Handle

Scarlet Begonias

1/2 Step

Eyes of the World

Help Slip Frank

Promised Land (JGB)

One More Saturday Night

St Stephen


Quinn the Eskimo

Casey Jones

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