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moe. NYE in NYC... any takers?


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nice going to be a fun set of shows. I booked my bus and I am leaving a week friday. Are you also going to the Irving Plaza show? And are you gonna tape from the soundboard at the new years show? Ill be staying with my friend dan, slavetothegroove, mattm and rob in new york. We should all hook up for pre drinks/party before the show aberg.



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Wow, I didn't know so many of you guys were going. That's awesome! Brothers Past after party, shit!

So where are you all staying? I gotta find somewhere cheap to sleep.... are you leaving from Ottawa for the Trey in Albany cuz I might even consider that same run myself.

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Yeah my bro Debob works for Hertz, so we're renting a car and driving down the aftrernoon on the 29th, hitting the Trey show, then Umelt after party, then probably driving straight to NYC to pick Jakis up at the bus station at 8:00. There is only 3 of us driving down so if your serious, I'm sure the boys wouldnt mind if you jumped on with us. Not sure though but I think the Trey show might be sold out.... Let me know!



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