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uTorrent team up with Bittorrent (or taken over, dependin who's sayin it)


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apologies if this is old news... apperently was announced on Dec. 7 or so

uTorrent joins forces with Bittorent

before I found uTorrent I stuck with Bittorrent, didn't like the other clients... rollin them into one is probably fine with me... find uTorrent is basically just a prettier, more user friendly version of Bittorrent... both are nicely bare bones under the hood, though there's been some ugly rumours of Bram from Bittorrent having developed Bill Gates eyes, coding mildly spyware-ish bits to monitor use and stuff to report back to headquarters (rumours, dunno)

worth noting its happening anyways... turn off the "update automatically" setting in the General section of "Preferences" if you want to retain your current "built entiretly by uTorrent Inc" version... or don't worry bout it

glanced around the uTorrent forums, seems to be no shortage of 'informed' opinions

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