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Beth I Hear You Calling...


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Different Beth but what a Diva!!! I cannot get enough of this girl!!!

Rock My Gypsy Soul...

And her video for "Conceived" in the style of Jim Henson and his Muppets...yep, feel good stuff fer shure...


Oh, and for the record, I thought Beth was/is a true Diva before seeing/reading this...

Funky diva Beth Orton performs songs from Comfort of Strangers on Morning Becomes Eclectic
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Yeah, the way the drums were recorded and engineered on "Shopping Trolley" is magnificent...the style in which Tim Barnes plays the drums on that track brings Zeppelin to mind in a hurry...

Very cool to hear how she wanted to record "analog" for that CD and basically live off the floor...no wonder she hangs with the likes of Harper, Adams and other heavyweights of today!!!

Rock On Beth!!!

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