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How to print contents of DOS window


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i've run checkdisk 9 or 10 times on an external drive because errors keep popping up and files are getting corrupted. Chkdisk is finding tons of errors, I'm wondering if there is a way to print the contents of a DOS window (i'm running it from a command line) so that I can show the results to someone who knows stuff about computers.... anyone know?

edit - and when i say print, i mean print to a text file

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I think you could do it in two steps: first, run the command and redirect the output to a text file

C:\some directory> chkdisk > chkdisk.txt

The "> chkdisk.txt" is the re-direct part; it makes the output of the command go into a file instead of being dumped to the command window. I used "chkdisk.txt" as an example, but you could name the file whatever you want.

Then, open up "chkdisk.txt" in, say, notepad (the file will be in the same directory as you were in when you can the command), which'll let you view and/or print.



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