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Internship at Spill Magazine


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Any takers? There is a bit of confusion in the posting(on the work in culture website)-it says the deadline is Sept 1, 2007 but the start date says February.


Position: Staff Writer

Term: Internship

Location: The Annex (Toronto)

Salary: Product

Start Date: Feb 01, 2007

Job Description

As a staff writer for one of Toronto's longest-running indie publication (since 1992), writers would be expected to complete assignments such as CD, music book, and DVD reviews, interviews with bands and labels, and live event reviews. This is to be done in a timely manner, and it is expected that writers would continualy achieve the quality standards which the Spill prides itself on. In return for a modest amount of 'work' (between 1 and 5 hours per week, depending on the assignments accepted/assigned), writers keep the media reviewed and gain entrance into live events free of charge.


A suitable candidate will:

-Be punctual and able to meet deadlines.

-Be able to attend each bimonthly meeting.

-Be reliable and or a strong work ethic.

-Have at least some experience reviewing media or conducting interviews related to arts and entertainment.

Additional Information

A position with the Spill can be organized with a student writer's academic institution so that it fulfills an internship or independant study requirement at their academic institution.

Send Submissions To:

Arvin Kashyap

Toronto Ontario


e: info@spillmagazine.com

Organization Description

The Spill is a small music review publication with both a continuously updated internet component as well as quarterly print issues. We are currently looking to broaden our

Date Posted: January 26, 2007

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