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anyone know about fixing paintings?


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i bought a painting in cuba, i think it's acrylic paint. this was just at a street market so not expensive, but to my surprise they pull the canvas off the frame and rolled it up and gave it to me like that.

it's an impressionistic painting and there is thick paint in some spots. anyway when i unrolled it the paint was all cracked.

any suggestions on how to fix this or how much it might cost to get repaired/restored and what it entails?

it's not a huge deal, it will still look OK from a distance, you can only see the cracking up close. but i'm worried the paint might start to flake off as well, now that it's cracked.


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if it is acrylic, and its only cracked where the paint is thick( its kind of unusual for acrylic to crack though-unless they rolled it really tight-acrylics really are a form of flexible plastic),your best bet is to leave it alone unless youve got quite abit of cash to throw at it.You could also coat it with a thin layer of clear acrylic medium(matte not glossy-that will highlight the cracks)if you are worried about it flaking off.

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hmmm, i could be wrong about the acrylic, just figured it was because i thought maybe oils for painting were expensive for artists to come by down there, and this wasn't pricey. it was indeed rolled up tightly though.

i guess i should just leave it as is...i def. don't have a bunch to spend on it. it's just a shame!


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all artwork I have ever bought in places like Cuba(I mean touristy stuff) was goache or tempera-they are cheaper mediums.Are you sure its not that? It will have an almost chalky feel to it-ranging from very smooth to slightly gritty.If thats what it is I would totally coat it with something-they will flake apart.

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