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moe. with special guests in jacksonville fl, who could it be?


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Hey now, so me and slavetothegroove and mattm are embarking on yet another roadtrip with our friends chris and rosemary to the langerado festivel in Sunrise, Fl. Moe. is playing the night before the festivel in jacksonville beach fl at the freebird live. we got the tickets yesterday and it says moe. with guest on the ticket. I wonder who it will be.. any guesses.. the freebird live website says home of lynard skynard.. but isn't that allman brothers country too... Should be interesting that venue is more like a bar then a music venue from what i am told.. Too much.. crazy boston and philly shows i was at now this.. Moe. is definatley on the top of my touring list these days.. cheers

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also any slip fans going to langerado.. I have only seen them a few times but we were thinking of taping the show for you guys.. but it conflicts with another show we wanted to be at so if their is another taper their that would be coo. otherwise we will try to tape it for you slip fans :)

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There's a Langerado topic on taperssection.com


and I think at least one guy said he'd taping The Slip. If you're not a member of that board, it's worthwhile joining up, as I think that people are trying to coordinate who tapes what and when, because apparently it's really tough to change stages, due to the small amount of time between acts.



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