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Time flies when you're having fun, I thought that this show was still a few weeks away. Anwyays, they're at the JimmyJazz which means it's free too... Apparently one of their tunes is on the CBC top 30 right now, not sure what that means but they seem to be gaining some momentum which is good:


The song "Dreams" has made it into the CBC's top 30 charts!

Originally from our 2006 release Pharmakon, the song has been receiving radio play and has entered the charts at no. 27 for the week ending in Feb 23rd."

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It's funny I just ran into your buddy Pete (is it Ben?) from the band after comic shopping but I think we were at soundscapes when we ran into him. We talked about the Taylor Chicini styles. I'm in TO having a quiet night at a swank hotel ideally and never going out in downtown Guelph again.

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I love that everyone knows who we are but that you are such a massive fucking pussy you just lurk around here and change handles every couple days. You know where to find me, but never will.

News Flash!!! Even the places you think your life is going it is in fact not going.

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