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Any of you tapers have any experience with this product?


H4 Handy Recorder

I'd like to find some recordings made with this using the built in MICs, to get an idea of how good it is. Maybe some recordings using external mics also.

I'd really like to get into taping (shows,jams and myself)and this seems like a fairly easy way to get into it. The built in 4 track seems pretty cool.

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Thanks Brad' date=' looks like I'll look into the Edirol R-09 a little closer. Do you know of any recordings using the R-09?[/quote']

There are some on the Live Music Archive.



Thanks again brad, your search skills are excellent to say the least. There's even a Fat Cats show in that list. It's a soundboard, I'll dig around to see if I can find one using the built in mics.

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There's some pretty great sounding recordings out there using the R-09. Most are soundboards and or use external mics. I found these shows that just use the R-09 (I think anyway):

They don't sound bad at all. Definatley better recording with better mics, but they sure sound ok on it's own.

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I'm listening to the Jackie Greene show I listed and I must say, the sound is pretty impressive:

Location: Center about 40 feet from stage

Source: Edirol R-09 internal mic's direct to 16 bit wav, low cut switched on, mic gain low

I must own it.


Edirol R-09

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