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Tonight's the night Johnny Boy


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I have to watch that in small doses. Something about my recent trip to Ottawa and a few other experiences, mainly talking a lot in French, has brought my comprehension up a few notches. But fuck if quebecois isn't a plunderfuck of a language if you can call it that it's like a fucking creole or pidgin really. Fucked. Their humour cracks me the fuck up though but probably not for the intended reasons.

I would love to get my french, and by this I mean Quebecois not Parisian, up to a level that I could appear on one of those shows and talk the 'wa wa wa' talk with those couchetard's.

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Guest Low Roller

Something like "Hey bozo, you'll kill yourself tomorrow. Tonight's the night."

It doesn't nearly sound as funny in English as it does in Quebecois.

I definitely miss hearing Quebecois everywhere. It's a language purely made of slang, apostrophes, and descriptive exaggerations.

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