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FREEFLOW w/ REDEYE March 16 - Vancouver


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After travelling in a bus for 10,000km, opening 17 shows for G. Love and having an absolutely incredible time its actually very nice to be home.

We played some amazing venues, drank over 1200 beers (and a couple dozen bottles of Grey Goose) and met a ton of nice Americans.

G. Love's band and crew were awesome and were a lot of fun to hang out and party with. G. Love even gave me a new pair of shoes he didn't want.

If you want to check out what playing to 20,000 people did to Redeye and hear some other road stories we're playing this Friday at the Media Club before Freeflow (hopefully you won't get puked on like Karly).

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Good times all around.

Glad I went even though Freeflow does nothing for me. Their bass player sure has a nice 5 string.

I find it strange how Foundation opened the entire show and NONE of their usually huge crew showed up. I don't think they told very many people and they ditched the gig pretty quickly...bizarre how a band that last summer had huge momentum, was playing shows every week and a half now isn't really into partying with other bands and a happy crowd.

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