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Anyone from this board going to the nero shows in saint john nb


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Hey all, me and my friend elisha are going to be driving to nb the weekend of the nero shows in saint john nb.. we are both from moncton so she is going to go to moncton. Myself i would like to go to both nero shows. but don't really want to pay for a hotel for two nights solo since i will be partying most of the time and probably not at the hotel too much. A little bit early to be asking but i like to be prepared :) If not i am going to go to the grand theft bus show in moncton on friday night and drive the next night with some friends from moncton in which case i will be staying with them at the hotel on the saturday night.. but ultimatley i would like to go to both nero shows.. Anyone interested in sharing a hotel or letting me crash on your hotel floor :) give me a shout out here or at robertpleger@hotmail.com. thanks yall

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