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The Hold Steady in Toronto


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Yes I did, and I will never miss them again.

The Opera House was packed to the rafters on a Monday and we knew the energy was good. The band itself is totally pro rock and roll. Tight changes, great dynamics and a solid backbone for the most manic frontman in music today.

Craig Finn regaled the crowd with nervous fervour that is instantly addictive and inspiring. He spits outs his poetry and often screams the last line sang away from the mic. The crowd, who knows the clever ins and outs of the songs, dutifully spits them back.

The energy was great, it made me a bigger Hold Steady fan and recommend that you never miss them again too.

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aaron.. i think it probably had less to do with getting old and more to do with you breaking out the jagermeister monday morning..

just a thought

Back in the day Jagermeister used to really get me going for a strong night of rock. Now it makes me sleepy, boring and craving Swiss Chalet! I knew I'd wake up today pissed that I skipped out on this one. Not much could've been done to improve the situation and make this happen though. C'est La Vie.

'Til the next one!

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