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PJC presents



With guests:

Wyrd Vision



10PM, $6


38 King William St. Hamilton,



Just in time, after the James St. North art crawl.

FRIDAY, AUGUST, 10TH, 10pm, $6.


Check them out!!!

SAFFRON SECT: http://www.saffronsect.ca

The unique vision of Gaven Dianda, The Saffron Sect is born of overgrown gardens and shaded secret places. Songs of seas, smoke, and stone alike, these recordings offer glimpses of worlds that might have been, or should be. Hazy and mysteriously rollicking rhythms and an array of familiar & archaic intruments coupled with Gaven's lilting voice and lyric betray his weird imagination, painted here in the palettes of the psychedelic. Devoid of the self-awareness strangling many bands, The Saffron Sect conjure up a playful world in which to deliberate life's loves lost and won...

Gaven Dianda - vocals, guitar, krummhorn, sitar, recorder

Katie Iarocci- flute, vocals, glockenschpiel, autoharp, dulcimer

Matt McLaren - upright and electric bass, jug, clarinet

Jay Anderson - drums, tabla, finger cymbals

WYRD VISIONS: http://www.myspace.com/wyrdvisions

Wyrd Visions is the realized dream of a blissful Toronto dude named Colin Bergh. In a live setting, Bergh brings his minimal psych-folk-cum-black-metal excursions into the blackest of lights with the help of a couple of friends. Matt Smith (a.k.a. N!fty, ex-Les Mouches) and Paul Mortimer (also of Mortimercy and Jon-Rae & the River) -- both of whom join Bergh in the costume-loving experimental troupe Awesome -- back up Bergh's lithe voice and scaly guitar riffs with a little percussion and six-string accompaniment. However, on his debut for Bluefog/Sonic Unyon, Half-Eaten Guitar, the vision is nearly all Bergh: repetitive riffs, slow builds that never quite climax and meditative, trance-inducing vocals, all of which effectively help stir the invisible spirits and vibes surrounding you to brave new worlds of being.

~Eye Weekly, JN 15, '06~

TRADITION http://www.myspace.com/tradition

Tradition is James Klassen, who has been playing in Toronto for a while now. A couple of years ago, Tradition was far more aggressive and angular, featuring Klassen on guitar and, usually, only a drummer backing him; this arrangement worked well as Klassen had more than enough fire in him to carry the show on his own. The new Tradition seems to have evolved (inasmuch as "evolved" means "less spastic") but it doesn't make his sound any less effective on a visceral level. Instead of force, however, Tradition's new technique is insidiousness: his (mostly bass) drumbeats are sparse, heavy, and slightly off-time, while his guitar lines are simple, catchy and repetitive - they would sound upbeat taken out of context. While the songs seem benign at first, they snowball into dark, hypnotic drones that are made eerier by Klassen's abstruse lyrics and his slightly slurred singing. Droning is a popular pastime but not everyone who does it is aware that you need something to drone on in the first place; Klassen's riffs are uncomplicated but the shifting temps and begulling melodies keep the songs tense and engaging. The only real failure here - a 19 minute one, unfortunately - is the closing track, which consists of one chord played over and over. This seems like laziness on Klassen's part, as he is more than capable of writing real songs, and therefore has no excuse to cop out. (Then again, people listen to far less accessible music than this, so dig in!) Style-wise, Tradition's Blocks debut rests somewhere between the Godz and Young God Records. Heavy credentials but Klassen certainly has something.

~Exclaim 03/05/07 Alex Molotkow~

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Gaven Dianda from Thee Gnostics fame from back in the old school La Luna years... disappeared from town then reappeared on my tv one day playing in The Flashing Lights

an all time favorite persona and entertaina

pumped for this

" modieval music for lordly leapers, leafy twig tweakers, saffron sound freakers, hi-heel sneakers, rocking frogs, ink drinkers, posiedon people, centaurs, minotaurs, guitaurs, weirdies, beardsleys, biking vikings, laid-off valkyries, tomorrow people, afghan hounds, gnostic brothers, lightning laugh lovers, thunder mothers, chocolate machine shakers, mocassin maids and streamy wades, golden hairs and records players, trumpet tongue talkers & riverbank rockers... "
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