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p funk all stars review


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went to London on Wednesday night..

payed the full ticketmaster price for the tickets,

$27.50 each including service charges.

Now I was a little tired from a long day of work, but arrived excited about the show...when the first members of the band came out, I was hoping they were the opening act cause it definately didnt sound that great... By the time they finished the first tune, George Clinton came out, looking like Santa Claus on Crack..I have to hand it to him though, he got the crowd excited - you could tell he was used to a crowd. The whole band gets props for their stage energy and presence - between the fire eaters, the gogo dancers, the live sex simulations, lazer beams, costumes, and the up to 15 people on stage at once, it made for quite a visual spectacle...unfortunately most (not all) of the music was awful. Half the problem was the big boomy sound with no definition - the snare was mostly inaudable, the vocals muffy, the guitars to loud...half the problem was the heavy metal feal of the guitar players...there was more heavy 1980's style lead playing then authentic funky grooving. there were a few highlights, including a call and response thing by one of the sax players (who was smoking!)..the audience loved that, and it sounded great..BUT -All in all a dissapointing musical evening...too much noise not enough funk!

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Wish you wouldn't have said that (you could have said the sound was great and I'd believe you, its all a little foggy)... I got loaded and it was a great "party". But thats the thing with P-funk. I wouldn't call it a concert, I'd call it a party, which means I just get loaded and mingle, as opposed to writing down set lists etc...

There ain't no party like a P-funk party...

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despite some obvious sound problems, i thought the show was amazing...certainly nothing like i'd ever seen before.

the band was relentless in rocking your face off, and even though it may not have been slap happy gettin down bootsy collins style funk, there was definately some funk in that wall of sound.

there were moments when the band just lifted you up, there was something going on up there that i havent been able to find words to describe yet.

at times George sounded like Bob Dylan, but kudos to the man for still givin' it up...funk cannot kill this man...its amazing he can still party like that.

some of my favourite moments were some lyrics when he brought his grand-daughter out..."some stink and i want some"...and, "hard as steel and still gettin harder"...hahahah, come on, it was an entertaining evening for sure...

i think a friend of mine put it best when he described it as "Apocalyptic Funk"...then again, i had drugs in me....shhhhhhh.

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