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Did ya lose yer shoes?


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You probably found them on the grass at the end of the night. That's how it usually happens but then again, you can also bet that yours might end up in a huge heap of shoes that is piled up by the cleaners. Hundreds lost their shoes at the Lose Yer Shoes folkadelic festival this year, with all but one pair being reclaimed by its proper owners. Let me know how you fared.

Other shoe losing stories:

1. Moses lost his shoes when he encountered God at the burning bush. - Exodus, the Bible

2. "You both kicked off your shoes, and I dig those rhythm and blues!" - Don McLean, American Pie

3. In 2001, "It was also the first year that Lose Yer Shoes collaborated with the Hands of Hope for Children project, collecting used shoes to send to the people of Guatemala, thus bringing a whole new meaning to "Lose Yer Shoes". In a grand gesture of solidarity, one performer kicked his Berks off and donated them right there and then to the charity, walking around in bare feet the rest of the weekend." - SECOND LEG: LOSE YER SHOES, FROM 2001 - 2005

4. When you are visiting someone's parents, be polite and Lose Your Shoes!! - Kids' survival guide

Do you have any shoe losing stories - famous or not?

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You rock Tom, thanks for throwing another great party. Next year I'll be camped out in the baby section, hopefully Paisley can babysit for a while and teach my baby how to throw dice in Vegas, while mom and I get down.

BTW: I did loose a sandal running from attacking bees yesterday.

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I had a pair of Birks that were worn to almost every Phish show I attended. When we got into the mud at Coventry they just tore apart (cork bottom from upper). I lost the bottom to one in the "mud" and decided it was karma and kicked the rest of the other two off into the same mud and walked away happy as a pig in said mud.

Life came full circle that day, and I was so glad I decided to do that.


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