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Anyone having trouble with bit torrent?

jay sanislo

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I know everyone is gonna say read the FAG first, i know they changed some things around,

im kinda dumb when it comes to computer stuff so i usually ask someone to put them in people words. I use bt all the time and recently i cant connect to anything, i know they updated some stuff but not sure what to do! Any help would be very grateful and apprciated. I miss sharin the groove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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You do have the link for the tracker right?


Sometimes it takes a few tries just to connect to it.

Check that first to make sure there is a seed.

Seems there has been some trouble with the tracker lately.

Other than that just keep trying,I have a few shows goin right now,but it took me about 40 mins of trying to connect.One of them I was able to connect to this morning and not this afternoon or evening,but there is 21 seeds,just gotta be paitent and keep trying.It is working.

Good luck~

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