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The Musical Box return...again.


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did anyone take a trip back this weekend? (or any of the cdn dates?)

I saw them in Gatineau in May. It was a solid show, nice to see them in a small theatre again. However, this was the first time I saw Supper's Ready without the flashbulbs (theatre too small?) and it was hella anticlimactic.

The new drummer hits hard which I thought was a positive for the heavy stuff like sections of The Musical Box and Supper's Ready but where subtlety was in order he had none. His backing vocals were better than I expected. But yeah, it's impossible to replace Martin Levac.

What happened Kev?!

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Agreed, small venue is so much better (though the music hall felt bigger then normal)

In toronto they used strobes for the flashes - seems that they try something different each time I see them. Before the big fire in the US club they'd use the pyrotechnic stuff which would leave me blind for 20 mins (Only way to see it IMHO...or not see it...whatever). You also loose the "BANG" without the pyro. When they play the Waiting Room on the other tour they'd blind the crowd with white spot lights, maybe they should do something like that.

The sound and show were superior on Saturday, though on that night I couldn't see the keyboard player and sometimes the drummer so I was focused on guitar and bass. That endless 9/8 riff under the keyboard solo is absurd - how they don't fuck it up i'll never know

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